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Graduate Papers

Graduate papers consist of academic papers written at the graduate level. These papers may contain different content in terms of subject matter and format. Graduate papers are basically used for evaluation purposes and they make up a greater part of continuous assessments that are given in virtually all academic institutions. Graduate papers may take different forms depending on what they would like to assess. These include term papers, research papers, essays, review and critique papers, reports, bibliographic annotations and many more all of which assess different aspects of learning or subjects.  The graduate papers written at higher levels of learning such as the graduate level require more specificity in terms of style, format and order of writing applied. The first feature of graduate papers is the kind of language used.

All academic graduate papers require the use of official language for communication. This is essential for the purpose of standardization and making it easier for all readers to be able to read the content and get the information therein. Therefore, the use of jargon and slang that would make understanding complex or difficult does not befit the purpose of writing graduate papers. In essence graduate papers should contain simple language that would be easy to understand and thus make communication effective. Effectiveness of communication is essential for all graduate papers. This is also good for the purpose of evaluation because it will make it easier for the assessing party to easily get what the paper communicates and thus make it possible to offer a score that is appropriate for the paper. Any complicated language may in effect lead to a low score, if the assessing party does not get what you put across through the paper’s content.

Writing mechanics also form essential elements that should be observed when writing graduate papers. The punctuation, spelling, grammar and sentence structure of any graduate papers should be right. These not only make any graduate paper perfect, but they also aid in making communication effective.  For example proper spelling and grammar make work easier to understand and thus allow the authors of graduate papers to get their ideas to their readers effectively.  The third and most important feature for any graduate paper is the substantiation of content in the graduate paper. Unlike creative writing which does not adhere to any rules on content substantiation, graduate paper writing requires the authors of any papers to offer evidence of research supporting their ideas by citing the sources of such information.

Any content that is purported to be true must be supported by either primary or secondary research data which outlines how such a truth or fact was reached or established. As such, all graduate papers require the inclusion of in-text citations as well as full lists of references under the bibliographic section. The in-text citation shows the exact content that has either been paraphrased or quoted.Originality is perhaps the most important feature in the validation of one’s work as either being plagiarized or not. Plagiarism is an academic offense that arises when one tries to pass other people’s work as his/her own. This could be done through direct copy pasting or closely mimicking other people’s work.  This should be avoided in graduate paper writing, but referring to other people’s work should be permitted as long as it is done appropriately. This should be done by making inclusions of in-text citation and references in an appropriate manner.

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